Passive Income Geek

‘Passive Income Geek’ is a course by Morten Storgaard. He teaches how to build profitable niche sites. The course shows step-by-step process to full-time income with passive income websites!

I am with this course for nearly a year now. Here’s why I like this course:

  • I agree with Morten’s philosophies towards creating an income-producing site. I believe following his way you can create a sustainable income-producing site that won’t die after a google update.
  • Morten has shown everything step-by-step over his shoulder.
  • The processes are easy to understand, not very complicated, especially for a beginner from Bangladesh.
  • There is a support forum which can be very helpful to find further insights.
  • Along with the course, Morten is also recording his works on a new site, showing each of the step, how the site is progressing, etc. This is only exclusive to the students of his course.