I am Muntaseer Rahman.
A Digital Nomad.

I have been in digital marketing industries for more than 5 years, and have helped more than 200 clients with their website content.

Muntaseer Rahman

Who Am I?

Well, my story is a bit odd. Though I personally think myself as a self-made entrepreneur, I am an engineer. I completed my Engineering Degree on Electronics & Communications.

However, engineering didn’t attract me. I have been making websites and earning money for a few years now. I like blogging and making passive money. Also, about 2 years back, I started my own company, Writers Motion.

The story of how I started my company is funny (and interesting too!). It was a warm noon. I was watching a series called “Silicon Valley”. In that series, a bunch of guys (entrepreneurs) try to initiate their start-up.

I really got hooked into the story. In fact, so motivated that I wanted to try out a new business idea of my own. From that idea, Writers Motion was born.

I also love to make niche websites that make me passive money. Till now, I have a network of passive sites and I plan to make more (talk about passion!).

Currently, I am completing MBA in Institute of Business Administration In Dhaka University.

One last thing, I like to take landscape photographs. That’s why traveling to different off-the-grid places and taking photographs is part of my hobby too.


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My Experience

I don’t consider myself very experienced. I am still a vivid learner.

I started my career as a content writer back in 2013, just after my SSC exams. At that time, all my peers were getting themselves admitted into an admission coaching for college.

Well, I was a weird fish (still am)

I got into a freelancing institution and got the basics of freelancing. I mainly learned SEO there. And then, I started my content writing career in oDesk (now known as UpWork).

Now, I run a content writing agency called Writers Motion as well as several websites that generate passive income each month. 


Started doing MBA in IBA, DU


Started my Content Writing agency 'Writers Motion'


Dipped my toes in the Affiliate Marketing industry


Started career as a content writer

The Ultimate Content Writing Course

” আমার গল্পটা একটু শুনাই আপনাদের। ২০১৩ সালে আমি SSC পরীক্ষা দেই। পরীক্ষার পরেই আমার প্রায় সব বন্ধুরা ব্যস্ত হয়ে যায় কলেজে ভর্তি হবার কোচিং নিয়ে। আমি একটু অন্যদিকে হাঁটি। আমাদের বাসার পাশেই এক জায়গায় SEO শেখানো হতো। আমি সেখানে ভর্তি হই…

"Muntaseer Bhai's course can be categorized into two parts. Firstly, it is comprehensive. Everything explained here is in-depth and with examples. Secondly, it is a project-based learning experience."
Anjar Husain
"As a newbie in the affiliate marketer world with a limited budget writing content for my website was my only option. And when I had started digging in content writing resources, I got an analysis paralysis. So when, Muntasir vai offered that he may start a content writing course, I was probably among the first few responders who said yes."
Sadia Sultana
"This Is A Very Wonderful Course Which Helps In Enhancing The Content Writing. It Gives A Sense Of How To Reach Out To Your Audience Through Attractive Blog Posts Or Content Marketing."
Soyab Hosen Khan
"Good course with a lot of information for someone that’s already freelancing. I am very new and wanted information on breaking into the freelancer world which I didn’t get a lot of from this course. "
Al Shahriar Apon

Digital Marketing Resource

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My Passive Income Generating Niche Sites

I have been keeping turtles as a pet for many years now. I’ve fallen in love with these cute pets from the moment I saw them. I really believe that turtles will get more popular as a pet in the upcoming years.

It is very important that people know how to take care of them properly.

That’s why I’ve created this website to share my turtle keeping knowledge with you.

I love aquariums. I can’t remember how many aquariums I’ve kept till now. All I know is I love these aquatic creatures and want to share my knowledge on how to keep them successfully. 

In Acuario Pets, you’ll learn about how to keep shrimps, crayfish, betta, frog and many other obscure pets.

I have wondered how the Stars and Moons look like for many years. I’ve fallen in love with Cosmology since I was a boy. Out of respect and love for Cosmology, I created this site. To learn more about the Univers and whats beyond our sky, telescope is a must.

So, I decided to help people like me to learn about telescope, how to use them to see what can’t be seen with naked eyes.

Welcome to my site, Telescope Buddy.