hey, I am

Entrepreneur. Digital Content Creator. Traveler.

I have been in the digital marketing industry for more than 5 years, and have helped more than 250 clients with their websites.

Who Am I?

Well, my story is a bit odd… 

Though I personally think of myself as a self-made entrepreneur, I am an engineer. I completed my Engineering Degree in Electronics & Communications.

However, engineering didn’t attract me. I have been making websites and earning money for a few years now. I like blogging and making passive money. Also, about 2 years back, I started my own company, Writers Motion.

The story of how I started my company is funny (and interesting too!). It was a warm noon. I was watching a series called “Silicon Valley”. In that series, a bunch of guys (entrepreneurs) try to initiate their start-ups.

I really got hooked into the story. In fact, so motivated that I wanted to try out a new business idea of my own. From that idea, Writers Motion was born.

I also love to make niche websites that make me passive money. Till now, I have a network of passive sites and I plan to make more (talk about passion!).

Currently, I am completing MBA at the Institute of Business Administration In Dhaka University.

  • CEO & Founder at Writers Motion
  • Educational Content Creator
  • Landscape Photographer

My Course

The Ultimate Content Writing Course

33 Lessons To Make You A Better Writer

” This course is only for serious people who are tired of wasting money on junk courses and want to learn content writing, write for their own websites or earn money as a freelance content writer. “

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