Muntaseer Rahman

muntaseer rahman

engineer, entrepreneur & Digital marketer

Muntaseer Rahman

Well, my story is a bit odd. Though I personally think myself as a self-made entrepreneur, I am an engineer. I completed my Engineering Degree on Electronics & Communications.

However, engineering didn’t attract me. I have been making websites and earning money for a few years now. I like blogging and making passive money. Also, about 2 years back, I started my own company, Writers Motion. 

What Do I Do?

These are some of the projects and businesses I am running 

Building Niche Sites

I have been making niche sites for quite some time now. I have a network of sites and I plan to build more.

CEO @ Writers Motion

Writers Motion is my brain child. I created this company which turned out to be pretty successful. It provides content writing service to website owners.

Travel & Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is my passion. I love traveling to the corner of nature and take landscape photographs.

Portfolio Of My Niche Sites

I Own

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