ManageWP: Manage WordPress Sites

Those who own multiple WordPress sites, ManageWP can come as a blessing for you. Personally at any time, I manage more than 10 sites. So, everything can get quite messy, unorganized.

Thanks to ManageWP, I can manage all the sites in one platform. The best thing is, it is dirt cheap. I manage all my sites with extra services like keyword rank checker, daily backup, etc. under $10/month.

Honestly, I believe, buying ManageWP is one of the best investments you can make as a blog site owner.

Here are some of the things I do with MangeWP

  • Have a birds-eye overview of all my sites in one platform
  • Can perform regular operations like updating plugins, theme, checking Google Analytics, etc of each of the site in just one platform
  • Have daily backups of my site in case I mess anything up
  • Check the top keywords of my sites and their ranking