Flippa – Buy/Sell Website & Domains

Its hard to recommend Flippa. But I am still recommending it because Flippa is beginner-friendly. Most of the other digital asset buy/sell platforms don’t work with websites that are too small. In fact, some only approve websites that earn at least 4 figure per month.

But with Flippa, you can even sell a starter site if you find a buyer. If you’re in the market for buying starter sites that won’t cost a fortune, you’ll find them on Flippa too.

Along with websites, you can also buy/sell domains, apps, SaaS, etc.

One major problem with Flippa is, there are hundreds of scam websites on it. So, you’ll need to know how to calculate a website’s true potential value. If you don’t know how to check what the buyer is promising, if you don’t know how to measure a website’s value, if you don’t know what to do to increase the value of the website after buying it, then Flippa is not for you.

With all that said, ready to sell/buy your first website?

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