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Aweber Email Service Provider: My Unbiased Review 2021

Even if you are very new to this digital marketing and passive money making thing, you might have heard about email marketing. If you want to earn real money from the net, email marketing is a sure fire way to do so.

In the email marketing world, one name is known to almost all: Aweber. Within the last 5 years, Aweber has really changed the email marketing game for website owners. Aweber is one of the pioneers that has brought a revolutionary change to the email marketing world.

I have been using Aweber for quite some time now. So, in this article, I’ll give a thorough review about my experience regarding Aweber, how is it, is it really worth the money or not.

So, even if you don’t have any email list now but want to start your journey with email marketing later, I’ll highly encourage to give this article a read.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Aweber?

In simple words, Aweber is an email marketing platform that has all the tools and software to help you reach your email to your visitor’s inbox.

Aweber was founded in 1998, and now more than 100,000 individuals as well as businesses use Aweber for the email marketing solutions.

In short, here’s some of the core things you can do with Aweber:

  • Hosting and Growing an active email list
  • Email campaigns with thorough control over the frequency and style of emails
  • Setting up autoresponder that automatically sends email according to your criteria
  • Detailed reporting and analytics that show how your email marketing campaign is performing
AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

How Much Does Aweber Cost?

Aweber offers 2 types of pricing.

  1. Standard Pricing
  2. High Volume Pricing

Standard Pricing

Standard pricing will apply when you have less than 25,000 subscribers in your list. Then the pricing will follow as below:

Aweber Free: 0 to 500 Subscribers

Most of the features available that are needed for email marketing. No time restrictions.

Aweber PRO

0 – 500 Subscribers501 – 2500 Subscribers2501 – 5000 Subscribers5001 – 10,000 Subscribers10,001 – 25,000 Subscribers
Billed Monthly$19 /mo
$29 /mo
$49 /mo
$69 /mo
$149 /mo
Billed Quarterly$16.33 /mo$26.33 /mo$46.33 /mo$66.33 /mo$146.33 /mo
Billed Annually$16.15 /mo$26.15 /mo$46.15 /mo$66.15 /mo$146.15 /mo

High Volume Pricing

If you have a list larger than 25,000 Subscribers, that the High Volume Pricing is for you. For you, Aweber will craft customized payment plan. And, before even starting, you can talk with one of their experts to help you craft the most cost-optimized payment plan!

Click here to talk with Aweber’s expert!

Aweber Free vs Pro: Differing Features

aweber free vs pro differing features
aweber free vs pro differing features
For More Information, Visit Aweber Pricing

Free Guide: Promote Your Podcast With Email Marketing strategies to turn listeners into subscribers, build their brand, and grow their podcast.

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Price Comparison With Other Competitors

Here, I’ll be comparing the pricing of Aweber with some of the most notable competitors. I’ll compare the most basic/cheap package of all of these competitors and compare them against the basic package of Aweber.

The pricing of the packages are taken as yearly deals.

Free Plan Available?YesYesYesNoNo
0-500 Subscribers$16.15 /m$9.99/m
501-2500 Subscribers$26.15 /m$30.99/m$41/m$20.50/m$45/m
2501-5000 Subscribers$46.15$52.99/m$66/m$36.90/m$79/m
5001-10000 Subscribers$66.15 /m$78.99/m$100/m$53.30/m$125/m
10001-25000 Subscribers$146.15 /m$200/m$166/m$118.90/m$205/m
***Prices are considered when Billed Annually

Key Features of Aweber

Easy To DesignAutomationAnalytics & ReportingEngagement3rd Part IntegrationsMobile App
Smart DesignerTriggers and flow to control your automationPre-built reportsEasily Manage SubscribersGoToWebinarAweber Atom
Visually Stunning Landing PagesAutomatic taggingActionable dataQuick segmentationPaypalCurate
Drag & Drop Email CreationPersonalize CommunicationsMobile friendly reportsStunning Sign-up formsWordPressAweber Stats
Free Template LibraryEfficient time managementEffort optimizationTop-notch migration serviceElementor and many…
Auto Newsletters

Free Guide: How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing | Access To Tons Of Fantastic Templates 

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Easy To Design

Smart Designer

With Aweber’s AI powered system, now you can design beautiful & stunning images within seconds even if you don’t know anything about design. There are already premade email marketing templates made for you. You just need to select one, customize it according to your preference, and your email will be ready for broadcasting.

And the amazing thing is, you can try using this feature for free! Even if you don’t have a website, you can create using your public Facebook page or Instagram account.

AWeber: Free email marketing and landing pages

Visually Stunning Landing Pages

Looking for a way to create gorgeous landing pages even if you don’t have any coding knowledge? Well, Aweber has your back. With Aweber, you can create professional landing pages within minutes without any sort of coding or designing knowledge.

Currently, there are 10 landing page templates from which you can choose one and start customizing right away:

  1. Thank You Upsell
  2. Ebook Offer
  3. Consultation
  4. Webinar
  5. Checklist offer
  6. Podcast
  7. Link Feed
  8. Newsletter
  9. Coupon opt-in
  10. Flash sale
AWeber Free: Easy email marketing

Drag & Drop Email Creation

The age of coding hundreds of lines for a simple email is long gone now. With Aweber, you can create emails just dragging and dropping specific elements according to your wish. If you don’t like the already built templates for you, then drag & drop will be the easiest way to craft an email from scratch.

However, if you have coding knowledge and want to customize your email through coding, you can do that using the Plain text and HTML option.

Lastly, emails need visual appeal for catching reader’s attraction. Aweber offers thousands of free images that are ready to be dragged & dropped to your email. You can add buttons, images, logos, etc. anything you want within just a few clicks.

aweber email marketing templates

Free Template Library

Don’t have the time to craft an email? No worries! Aweber has 700 mobile responsive email templates already made for you. These templates are already stunning out of the box and they are mobile responsive- meaning they will look equally stunning in a laptop and mobile screen.

Auto Newsletters

With the Auto Newsletter feature, you can save your time and efforts for email marketing by many folds. It allows you to automatically broadcast the latest post from your blog to your subscribers without you doing any of the manual work.


Triggers and flow to control your automation

Automation is not new. Aweber has revolutionized the Autoresponder technology with its clever trigger and flow controls. With the trigger and flow controls, you can effectively control to whom the email will be sent exactly at what time.

These triggers and flows let you enjoy 100% control over your email automation workflow.

Automatic tagging

You can set automatic tagging so Aweber tags the right people in your list that are better suited for a particular type of email.

Personalize Communications

This is a big one. With the Personalize Communications feature, you can send personalized email to any subscriber using tagging and dynamic content. This shows readers responding to offers much more and faster!

Efficient time management

The most important of them all is, saving your time. Your time is precious and it is better spent on creating content for your business. So, let Aweber handle all the email marketing tasks and you can use the time more efficiently on your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Pre-built reports

Smart entrepreneurs keep track of their analytics and report. Only sending emails won’t do you much if you don’t know how well they are performing, which ones are working and the ones that are not. Aweber has very easy and intuitive email tracking and analytics report for you to track your progress.

You can easily check how much open rate your emails have, what are the click through rate, how much revenue you have generated, how much website pageviews the emails have received etc.

This detailed analytic report will help you to:

  • Segmenting your subscribers based on open rates, click through rates and other features
  • Understand which emails are working and work on the ones that aren’t
  • Keep track of which emails are generating the most pageview to your website
  • Find out which emails are making more revenue and how to duplicate those for better results

And the good thing is, Aweber has its AWeber Stats app for the detailed analytic report. So, even if you are away from your pc or laptop, you can check the analytics from anywhere using your smart phone.

Actionable data

The analytic report will contain KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) that are very important to understand a business’s growth. Aweber’s KPI are very easy to understand and you won’t need to be a statistical magician to interpret them.

Effort optimization with Split Testing

With the split testing feature, you can test different messages with different subject lines to see which ones are driving better performance. This will allow you to learn more about your readers and their preferences.


Easily Manage Subscribers

You can easily categorize the subscribers on your list as your preference so that you can send specially crafted emails to each of the categories of subscribers. This increases your email open rate as well as click through rate because you are sending more customized emails to each of the subscribers.

Quick segmentation

You can organize and segment your list in any way or shape you want that helps you to better understand your customers.

Top-notch migration service

If you are already using some other email marketing platform and have a list, no worry. Aweber will migrate your list into their system and create your account without any type of additional cost!

Free Guide: What To Write? Fill-In-The-Blank Email Templates To Make Getting Started Even Easier 

Click here to check the free guide
AWeber Free: Email marketing for small businesses

3rd Part Integrations

Featured IntegrationsContent ManagementCRMeCommerceLanding PageLead GenerationMembershipProductivity ToolsSocialWebinar
GoToWebinarWordPressContactUsWooCommerceAweber Landing PagesClickfunnelsWishListZapier
Paid Membership ProAW Pro ToolsCyfeWebinarNinja 5.0
PaypalElementorSatoriPaypalInstapageThrive LeadsMemberMouse AWtomatorLanderEasywebinar
Elegant Themes – DiviSalesForcePatreonUnbounceOnline Sales ProaMember ProMicrosoft Power PlatformFullScope.tvCrowdcast
Elegant Themes – BloomKonnektive CRMJVZooLanding Page CatGravity FormsMemberPressApiantLinkedinEverWebinar
DudaLiveAgentClickbankPageWizOptin CatMemberSonicAutomate.ioNimbleGoToWebinar
Raven Tools17hatsSAMCartBrave Popup BuilderOptinMonsterARMemberCalendlyHQWebinar
Dasheroo1CRMEtsyBrizyPopUp DominationDigiMemberEarlyParrotLivestorm
Podcast Websites1CRM CloudZaxaaConvertriMailMunchInvantoExcelLiveWebinar
AppDragAct! EssentialsThriveCartDashNex PagesHello BarJoin ItExplaraMeetFox
BloggerAct! PremiumSendOwlFlatPackConnectioMemberSpaceFormitizeON24
Digital Access PassAffinitySelzGenius LanderDigiohMemberVaultGoogle CalenderRainWebinar
GhostAgendorBeatStarsGrowFBJetFormPayhipGoogle formsStealthSeminar
s2MemberAgile CRMPayKickStartHeroicPrivyPodiaGoogle sheetsWebinarGeek
SquarespaceAlore CRM3dCartLanding FrogWishloopiFormBuilderWebinarSuite
WebflowamoCRMAirbitLanding CubeThinkificIntegromatZoom
WeeblyAND COBig CartelLandingiHeyoOffice 365
WixApptivoBigCommerceMegapackThesis Email BoxOmnify
WP Subscribe ProBatchbookBook CavePush PlanetListGoalPieSync
BigContactsBooker MerchantTarsRafflecopterYocale
Bitrix24 CRMChargebeeZipify PagesGleam
BloomerangChargeOverZonPagesWP Ninja Forms
Brivity CRMCloudCartOptiMonk
Bullhorn CRMCombidesk for ShopifyLeadsBridge
Capsule CRMDigital Product DeliveryLead Grab
CINCDirect PayFormstack
CircleE-JunkieContest Domination
Clarabridge CX SocialEasy Digital DownloadWheelio
Clevertim CRMEcwidInteract
ClientSuccessEKMLeadsFlow Pro
ClinchPadEpos NowTweetLead
Close.ioFlutter WaveShortStack
CompanyHubFoxy CartOptin Ninja
ContactuallyGlobal Payments WebPayWPForms
Copper CRMGumroadManyContacts
Credit Repair CloudInstant eCom Store123FormBuilder
DubsadoJumpsellerCoupon Pop
Efficy CRMMagento 1Wishpond
EspoCRMMagento 2Justuno
Flexie CRMMoon ClerkViralSweep
Follow Up BossNanacastPadiAct
FreshBooks ClassicOdoo OnlineConvertPlayer
FreshSalesOrder DeskOnSpot Social
Hubspot CRMProductDynoBooklaunch
IntercomSellfyOptin Labs
Jarja MediaShipStationMiloTree
Jetpack CRMStorenvyOutgrow
Joomag Awesome CRMStripeGrowtheme
KnowThyCustomerStripe Payment PluginElevatr
Kunversion+Ticket TailorFormGet
KustomerWarriorPlusQuiz Cat
Less Annoying CRMZipify OneClickUpsell40Nuggets
Livespace CRMBetter Coupon Box
LOCALiQRewards Fuel
Method CRMAntavo
Microsoft Dynamics CRMOptingun
MindbodyCampaign Builder
Mojo HelpdeskConvertful
Neon CRMDijest
Nutshell CRMScratch and Win
OnePageCRMSocial Boost App
PipelineDealsAds Workbench
PipelinerAdvisor Quiz
Raynet CRMARForms
Really Simple Systems CRMARI Stream Quiz
ReplsyAweber Custom Popup
Revamp CRMAweber Subscription
SalesSeekBlossom Themes Email Newsletter
Salpo CRMBrand Gaming
Sierra InteractiveBuilderall
SolveCRMCaldera Forms
SupperOffice CRMCheckMarket
Teamgate CRMCognito Forms
Teamleader CRMComing Soon and Maintenance Mode
Tender SupportContact Form 7
TPNI EngageContinually
Unifield FactoryConversionMonk
UPilotConvert Forms for Joomla
VerloopConvert Plus
Vtiger CRMConvert Pro
Wealthbox CRMConvertBox
webCRMCoupon Carrier
WHMCSDeadline Funnel
WorkBook CRMDealmachine
ZenDesk SellDonorPerfect
Zoho CRMEmojics and many
There are many more apps that can be integrated with Aweber

Mobile App

Aweber Atom

Are you on a travel? Need to make a sign up form quickly? No worries. With Aweber, you can create stunning sign up forms even on your smart phone without compromising any essential features.


Not only creating sign ups, you can also send newsletter from your smart phone without the need of any pc or laptop.

Aweber Stats

Need to assess your email marketing performance quickly and on the go? You can easily check how your email marketing campaign is doing with Aweber’s detailed analytic report from your mobile.


With Aweber’s state of the art eCommerce solution, now you can sell your products to your customers within just 5 minutes. Aweber’s landing page builder will help you to setup everything within just 5 minutes.

The Aweber landing page builder includes all the tools that you’ll need to setup a landing page that can accept payments from your customers right away. Here’s how you can set everything up right away:

  • First, you’ll need to create a page. Fortunately for you, there’s already many templates done for you ready to be used. You can use any of those templates or build one from scratch using the drag and drop editor.
  • After you’ve created the page, name the product or service you are selling and set the price. After that’s done, just press Publish. Everything is ready now to send payments to your account!
  • With Aweber’s advanced sales tracking system, you can see how your products or services are performing overtime and which ones are generating the most revenue.
  • There is no hassle of any monthly fee or setup charge. For each successful sale, Aweber will charge a small fee. Nothing else.
  • You can use the tagging feature to apply tags to people that have bought from your landing page and send customized email marketing campaigns to them for more profit.
  • You can connect the ecommerce landing page to your brand domain if you want to increase the brand recognition.

Web Push Notifications

Need to drive more traffic to your website? That’s easy now with Aweber’s Web Push Notification feature. The good thing about this feature is, you don’t need to ask anyone’s email or contact information.

Even when the subscriber’s are not on your site, lurking on some other corner of the internet, you can get to them and catch their attention right away with the web push notification feature. Whenever the subscriber opens his/her browser, the web push notification will send a short, precise message to the subscriber.

If you are creative enough, you can craft engaging short messages that can drive traffic to your site as well as generate more revenue.

The most common application of this feature is to notify the subscribers whenever you publish a new content to the site.

  • Instantly grabs your subscriber’s attention where ever he is lurking on the internet
  • Encourage the subscribers to engage with your website more
  • You can enjoy this feature even with Aweber’s free version

Possible Improvements

  • There is no direct way to integrate google analytics with Aweber

Customer Support

For any problem, you can contact Aweber right away. There are mainly 3 ways to contact Aweber’s support:

  1. Live Call: Toll Free: +1 877-AWeber-1 , International: +1 215-825-2196
  2. Live Chat: 24/7 available to answer your questions
  3. Email: Responding to your emails 24/7

Final Words

If you have read till now, I think you’ve already figured out I am a big fan of Aweber. I know they are not the cheapest solution when it comes to email marketing platform, but I believe quality costs money. I have used other software and faced many problem.

Most of the cheap ones don’t have as good deliverability as Aweber. And now that the free plan is available, I don’t see any reason of not trying Aweber today! If you have decided to try out Aweber, click the link button that will directly take you to create your Aweber account: